Tuesday, March 31, 2009

how it started

my first experience started when i was 14yrs old walking home from school. My route took me pass these houses that backed on to woods in which i used to cut across.
That day this big black Lab dog which was always at the end house was roaming just on the pathway entering the woods. Hes always there as back then people would let their dogs roam free.... and a few times ive passed and patted him on his head, then carried on threw the woods and home. But today was different. When i pat him on his head and started to walk away he tried to mount me. At first i walked away... but he followed and when i stop he tried again. As i got further in to the woods and this lab dog following and trying to mount me,,, its then i dont know what made me do it, but i reach down and grabbed his cock and wanked him for a few seconds... He was panting and squirting his juices all over the place as he fucked "air"
Its when i saw how big and wet his cock was that i thought ill look for some bushes and take him there. When we got there the dog was panting and wanting more. At first i just carried on teasing him by wanking him for a few seconds to get his cock out ,, then id stop.. i did this for a while..... All this had got me really horned up and it was then i dropped my school trouses and boxers down. As i stood with my trouses down wondering what im doing and should i... the dog came up to me and started to lick my cock and balls... At 14 id never had anyone let alone a dog lick my cack and balls, but WOW it was so good....
I then turned round so i could get down on my kness.... the dog then when my ass was in front of him started to lick (rim) it... i couldnt believe how good it was - then again thinking what the fuck am i doing letting a dog lick my ass,,,,
But feeling his warm wet tonuge fast licking my hole got me to me knees,,, and before even getting down he was on my back trying hard to fuck me..
I got down,,, now on all 4s with this big black lab dog on me thrusting away trying to find my hole.... but i didnt want his in me. All i did was let his fuck the top part of my ass.. by him doing this his cum was squirting over my back and dripping down over my hole.. every so often he would come off me and lick my hole that was covered in his cum, then he wuld get back on,, trying so hard to get his big wet dog cock in me..
Id been teasing him now for a while and he was panting like hell.... and his cock was out with a start of his knot... its then i pushed my ass up against it... lined up so it would push on my hole.. I could feel his cum dripping now on my hole as the end of his cock was pushing on my hole... it was at this point the dog must have known, cos he started to fuck again.... and this time he got what he wanted... his cock in me..
I didnt plan on taking his cock in me... the dog took me quick and he was deep in me for a few seconds before i pulled forward and felt his cock slide out....
It was then i knew i want it again... that feeling and knowing im giving my hole for a dog to fuck..... For the next half hr i would do just this - let him fuck me for a few seconds thne id move forward 2 get his cock out... each time i would let him stay in me lomger...
It was when i let him fuck me longer and i went 2 pull him out that i felt his knott.... lucky it wasnt that big yet... but i knew if id let him carry on for a few more seconds hed have become stuck in me....
I did want to go all the way and have hime knot in me.. i wanted to be stuck to this dog... his big cock stuck deep up my ass.... both of us ass 2 ass as he uploads his seed in me.. and all i can do isd stay on all fours until hes finish dumping his load..
But i was scared.. scared cos i knew once hed knotted .. that was it.. i was all his and i wouldnt be able 2 get his cock out until hes finished,,,, so i didnt let him knot me
I kept my hand on him cock feeling the knot and making sure as it swelled that only his cock was in me and his knot was outside... once his knot got 2 a good size i could take my hand away and feel his hard massie knott push against my hole... wanting to be inside me with the rest of his cock..
he just lay on my back panting as his cum was filling my ass,,, and i was wondering if i should have taken his knot...
For a few year this dog would fuck me on a reg basis... but i never went all the way and let him knott in me..
Its now i want to get back on all fours,, find a big dog,, and once his in me... let him fuck me until he knotts..
Its finding a guy whos into this.. either with a dog or knows of 1....
When.. if i do ever ill get pics and vids posted on here to share